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Mr. Gaskins Goes To Harpers Ferry

March 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Travel time from my home in Evans, in Jackson County, to Harpers Ferry, in Jefferson County, is over five hours, but it seemed both longer and shorter as I drove.  I will be their “Artist in Residence" this spring, and I couldn’t wait to arrive.  Other responsibilities had filled the days leading up to this occasion, and I hadn’t even had time to get excited.

I met Samantha (Sam) Zurbuch, the Park Volunteer Coordinator.  Sam is from Elkins, and has worked at the Park for seven years.  She earned her degree from Shepherd University, and was hired by the National Park Service while she was still in school.  She has also completed her Masters in Education. 

Sam got me up to speed quickly on several activities that are scheduled over the next few days, and introduced me to a few of the Park Staff, including Ranger Chuck at the information center, and Steve Lowe, Park Landscape Architect.  There were others, but it was a whirlwind trip on our way to what is known as “Lower Town.”

This is primarily where the preserved and public part of historic Harpers Ferry is located.  My room is going to be in the old clothing store, just across from the information center.  The spire of St. Peter’s Catholic Church rises from the hilltop, just behind my apartment.

I have gotten settled into the rooms, carrying my bags up the stairs, and stowing them away.  This will be my temporary home for a couple weeks.  As I sit here with my feet on the old hardwood floor, I hear a train whistle blowing.  I am typing this on my 21st Century laptop, which is sitting on a 19th Century secretary’s desk.  Truly, this is the past in the present. 

Ron Gaskins

Friday, March 27, 2015 (My postings may be a little delayed, as Internet access isn't immediately available.  Many thanks to the Bolivar-Harpers Ferry Library!  You may view additional photos in the "Artist in Residence - Harpers Ferry" photo gallery at )