YES!  Mountaineer Photo Excursions also offers classes, in addition to our Excursion Workshops!  Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox are currently offering an online series of general and specialized photography classes.  We are also available to speak at your local club or a conference, or can arrange to share an online class with your group. See our "Classes at a Glance" schedule with detailed descriptions of each class below.  Our refund policy for Online Classes is shared on our "About Us" page. If you have questions, or want to be added to our “Mile Markers” newsletter, please visit our Contact Us page. 



2021 Mountaineer Photo Excursions Classes at a Glance

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ALL REGULAR CLASSES CANCELLED, Effective March 19, 2020.  


We are now offering online photography classes via Zoom. Registration for all online classes will be on  Once you have registered/paid for your class, you will receive the needed info to access the online class prior to the class date.


The Original 50 Shades of Gray:  The Art of Black & White Photography; class offered during the Photographic Society of America's 82nd Annual Photo Festival.  

PSA Photo Festival; Rapid City, SD; October 6-9, 2021.



Private Individual Classes are available in the Charleston, Ripley and Parkersburg, WV, areas. Ask about special arrangements for other locations.  Both two-hour and four-hour classes are available.  Contact [email protected] for full details.






  See below for further class descriptions and registration information.




The Original 50 Shades of Gray:  The Art of Black & White Photography

82nd Photo Festival of the Photographic Society of America - October 6-9, 2021

The Photographic Society of America (PSA), founded in 1934, is a world-wide organization providing abundant resources for photographers, from the novice to the professional. PSA offers on-line learning, webinars, study groups, competitions, mentors and consultants. Membership is in over 80 countries, 5,000 members, 460 Camera Clubs and 12 Chapters across the United States.  During the PSA's Annual Photo Festival this year in Rapid City, SD, Ron Gaskins will teach our "Original 50 Shades of Gray:  The Art of Black & White Photography."   


In the beginning, every photograph produced was of a black and white world.  Even in today’s multimedia world, monochromatic images have the ability to convey the simple, raw emotion of people, landscapes and other subject matter in a way in which color cannot.


This class will explain and offer examples of composition, light, and previsualization from a black and white perspective, as well as different methods of creating  black and white images.

Registration and all details for the PSA Festival is available on the site:




Private Individual Classes - Appointment Only

Our two-hour private class usually includes basic camera handling, including exposure controls, lens characteristics, and other related techniques.  We can tailor your private class to include specific topics that you wish to cover, along with targeted coverage of your particular camera model.  This class would be a classroom setup, although with the Covid-19 precautions, we would probably hold this at an outdoor location.  The two-hour class would not include a field trip.  We can also offer optional follow-up two-hour classes, if desired.  

We also offer a private four-hour class, which includes the same classroom instruction as the two-hour class, followed by a two-hour field trip with the instructor.  The field trip instruction would include additional hands-on camera usage, with emphasis on using the common camera controls and understanding how they contribute to achieving a well-exposed image; in addition, coaching will be provided on subject and lens choice and composition.  The four-hour private class requires completion of our standard Liability Waiver for participation.


We do offer the option of having a friend join you for the private classes at a discount.  Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more about rates, dates, and locations.    

In addition, we can arrange special private workshops at various locations.  Please contact us at [email protected] for full details, fees and to check for available dates.




If your camera club or other organization is interested in hosting us to teach a class, please contact us.  We have offered several classes previously.  While most of these have been done traditionally, we can also offer many of them as "Zoom" online presentations.  These include:  
"Jumpstart Your New Camera"  
"Exposure and Understanding Your Light Meter"  
"Hocus Focus:  Get Sharper Photos"  
"Doin' It After Dark:  Night Photography"  
"Personal Travel Photography"
"13 Mistakes Photographers Make, and How to Stop!" 
"Digital Photography" 
"Winter Photography-Get Off the Couch!"
"Digital Camera Techniques"
"Forensic and Emergency Scene Photography" 
"Advanced Photo-Editing for the Beginner"
"The Original 50 Shades of Gray: Black & White Photography" 
"Get To Know Your Camera" 
"Critique Your Own Photos & Beat The Competition" 
"How to Photograph Your Art"