Mountaineer Photo Excursions provides an exciting and educational photography experience, as you learn in interesting and beautiful locations.

Due to the nature of our business and recognizing the circumstances that all of us are dealing with currently related to the corona-virus, we would like to share these comments.  

First of all, we hope that everyone can get through this difficult time and come out the other side healthy and maybe a little wiser.

Secondly, in providing travel-based photography workshops and local classes, we are going to be bringing groups of people together.  We encourage everyone to make good personal choices.  Wash your hands.  Stay home if you are sick.  If you think you may have been exposed to the corona-virus or the flu, seek medical attention.  

Our plans are often made months or even well over a year in advance.  We strive to find locations that offer beautiful scenes, historical venues, and those places off the beaten path that often go unseen.  If you were considering one of our events, but believe this may not be the best time, we understand.  Please keep us in mind as the circumstances improve.    

Many of our workshop and classroom participants become our personal friends.  We want all of you to be safe and healthy, and look forward to seeing you soon, whether near or far away.  

Thank you!  

Ron Gaskins & Amanda Haddox
Mountaineer Photo Excursions

March 10, 2020


Our Instructors

Ron Gaskins, owner of West Virginia Fine Photography, is known for illustrating the stories of others, as well as his own; documenting events, from conventions to firefighter training; and capturing images of wildlife, such as Rocky Mountain Elk in Kentucky and Blue Heron just down the road from his home.  His photography and written work has been published in tour books, newspapers and magazines, including Wonderful West Virginia and Country Roads Journal.  He has been selected as Resident Photographer for the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge, and as the Artist in Residence for the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.


Ron is a Member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Allied Artists of West Virginia, the North American Nature Photography Association, the Photographic Society of America and is a former officer with the Charleston Camera Club.  Ron is President of Mountaineer Photo Excursions.



Amanda Haddox, through her own In My Mind’s Eye photography business, has created some of the most striking landscape images from West Virginia and across the eastern United States.  In addition to her love for the scenery of the Mountain State, she enjoys photographing lighthouses along the east and west coasts, along with the Great Lakes.  Her work has appeared in magazines such as Shutterbug, Lighthouse Digest, and Pacific Standard, on West Virginia State Park brochures, and has been used in textbooks, as book covers and in local newspapers. 


Amanda is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, the Photographic Society of America, the North American Nature Photography Association, the Allied Artists of West Virginia, and is the past President of the Charleston Camera Club.  Amanda is the Director of Photography for Mountaineer Photo Excursions.  

Together, they are Mountaineer Photo Excursions, and offer workshops in interesting, attractive and exciting locations, and classes for both beginners and experienced photographers. Since 2012, Ron and Amanda have led over 50 workshops in ten states, with workshops planned into 2025 and beyond!

Cancellation & Refund Policy:  Updated October 2019  

Please read our updated cancellation terms and policy for our photography workshops and similar events.  Our preferred method of payment is to provide registration invoices and accept payment via PayPal.  PayPal is a user-friendly site for both buyers and sellers.  However, PayPal has updated their refund policy, which requires Mountaineer Photo Excursions to make appropriate changes.  We will continue to use and recommend PayPal as our preferred method of payment.  PayPal’s processing fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, and this is subject to change by PayPal.  Please understand that Mountaineer Photo Excursions has built this into the fee for our events, and we receive that much less for our events.  It is not normally charged to participants in addition to our registration fees, unless stated otherwise.


We request that if you must cancel your participation in one of our events, you contact Mountaineer Photo Excursions via email (see below).  If you must cancel your participation in one of our photography workshops or similar events, and you cancel more than 30 calendar days in advance of the start date, Mountaineer Photo Excursions will refund the full amount paid, minus PayPal’s processing fee.  We accept the processing fee within our stated fees, in order to keep our workshop fees reasonable.


If you must cancel and do so within 30 calendar days of our event start date, you will receive a 50% refund, minus PayPal’s processing fee.  If we can subsequently fill the spot you have vacated, you will receive the balance of your registration fee, again minus PayPal’s processing fee. 


All cancellations requested within seven (7) calendar days of our event start date will be at the discretion of Mountaineer Photo Excursions and are not guaranteed.  In special circumstances where all or part of our registration fee is refunded, it will be minus PayPal’s processing fee.  



Online Classes - Effective July 2020  

We are handling our online class fee payment through Eventbrite.  Our registration deadline for these classes is usually the morning of the day before the class is scheduled.  If you must cancel, and you do so prior to the registration deadline, your fee will be refunded (minus the Eventbrite fee).  If you cancel after the registration deadline, your class fee will not be refunded.  To cancel, contact us via email (below).

If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]