See what our what our workshop participants had to say about their Mountaineer Photo Excursion! 

"Explore the Crystal Coast" - March 2022  

“It was a great week, good people, good conversations, a lot of laughs, and great opportunities to learn to take great pictures!  (Ron) and Amanda are extraordinary guides.  Thanks for another wonderful workshop.”  

Joan B.  from MA


“Ron and Amanda – thanks for another great workshop adventure!  I sure did enjoy exploring the Crystal Coast with its beautiful beaches, lighthouses, ferry rides, fort and great food!  Meeting new friends and being with old ones is always the highlight of the trip!  The two of you have great personalities which makes the trip so enjoyable!  Love the other places you always take us to – boardwalks, sunset, finding horses on two different islands, Beaufort Historical site, Tryon Palace, Aquarium, multiple gift shops, wildlife refuges – and I’m sure I missed something!  You sure made the Crystal Coast a place I would like to explore again!”

Carolyn L.  from MA


“For my first photo workshop excursion trip, I really enjoyed meeting everybody and participating in all the activities.  And, having the opportunity to use my camera and learning ome various photography tips from all of your experiences.  Thank you for welcoming me to come and I look forward to trying to participate in future excursion trips.”    

Bill J.   from WV


“Great workshop with great friends.  Thank you Ron and Amanda.” 

Linda N.  from WV


“Great workshop as usual…You all do a great job.”  “I had a great time, as always.  Another great Mountaineer trip in the books.  Anxious for the next one.”   

Diana S.  from OH 


Holly River State Park - May 2019  

"I learned more about how to focus & expose."

(I learned about) "...framing, different views; photographing waterfalls; learning more about my camera and using it."

"Loved the location and the different photo opportunities; learned how to shoot water/waterfalls."

(I learned) "...focusing tips in low light; improving ability for waterfall shots w/tripod; tips & tricks for composition - using objects in foreground & lines.

(I learned) "use of ND (neutral density) filter, look for unusual shot."  

"This was a great weekend!"


Thanks to Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins for a job well done. I think I'm not alone when I say it was a fun and successful photography weekend! 

- Janet H - Jenny Wiley 2015


I can’t believe I climbed up there (in the lighthouse).  It was great.  I was brave.  Love love the Butterfly House!


- Peggy W - Put In Bay, July 2014

I had a lot of fun and could have spent all day there (at the Butterfly House).

- Jeremy C - Put In Bay, July 2014


Thank you Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins for a wonderful weekend! Had a great time and met some terrific new friends! Can't wait until our next adventure!! 
-Cookie G.
(Holly River Spring Workshop 2014)

Had a wonderful weekend! Thanks Ron and Amanda and all the other folks that help guide me through the weekend! The trip was priceless!       
-Brenda M.
(Holly River Spring Workshop 2014)

Thank you for a wonderful and productive weekend!! I had a great time and learned so much!
-Janet H.
(Holly River Spring Workshop 2014)

Had a great weekend. Thanks Ron and Amanda for being patient and working with me. Can't wait to do it again.   
-Carrie M.
(Holly River Spring Workshop 2014)


Thanks Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox for such a great workshop!  
-Tony M.
(Holly River Spring Workshop 2014)

Thank you to Ron Gaskins, Trinity and Amanda Haddox for all the efforts towards a GREAT weekend.....Have learned alot and appreciate all the dedication/efforts put into this workshop...... I have learned alot and met alot of nice people in the process!! Another great opportunity to learn from some very good/experienced photographers......(the best way I can learn anything).           
-Tena T.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


It was great meeting fellow enthusiastic photographers!      
-Susan D.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


Thank you Amanda Ron and Trinity for a wonderful fun filled photo weekend. Greatest ever. I met so many good people and made lots of new friends. Thank you again.        
-Nancy F.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


Had an enjoyable weekend was glad to finally get pictures of the Elk always like meeting new people and reconnect with old ones, Thanks to Ron, Amanda, Trinity & John for all their hard work.      
-Vickie R.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)

It could never have been so good with out you guys.It was so great, it was like a vacation with learning."The Cat Fish need I say more"I can't imagine how tired you guys were yesterday I know I was and you all did the work,again A+++++++++++++++.
-Debra V.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


I want to Thank Amanda Haddox, Ron Gaskins, and Trinity Shepard for an Awesome weekend and a great photography workshop. I had an amazing time chasing elk, getting stuck in a large hole. And chasing wonderful photo opportunities. And I am looking forward to the fall workshop. But most of all being around my friends and making new friendships that will last forever.
-Tammy R.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


Great workshop, I really had a great time Thanks. And I met so many nice people.
-Peggy W.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)

Had a blast at the workshop! What fun. I want to give a "Shout Out" to Ron and Amanda for all the hard work and time for making this workshop great. Also want to give Trinity a Big Thank You for all his time and hard work. Without all three of those folks working hard this weekend would have never been. And lets not forget Jennifer and Rodney for escorting all of us around - they did an awesome job. Looking forward to the next workshop at Jenny Wiley!
-Laurinda B.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


Just got in from Jenny Wiley, what a great time with a bunch of great people. Can't wait till we get together again.
-Rod M.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)


It was a great workshop Ron! You, Amanda & Trinity do such a wonderful job putting this on. The park is great, the catfish is excellent! I look forward to another one.   
-Lisa H.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)

It was a great weekend and Thank you to all that put it on, especially Ron Gaskins, Amanda Haddox, and Trinity.           
-Kay C.
(Jenny Wiley Fall 2013)