Alaska Wildlife Excursion – 2023  

Mountaineer Photo Excursions is going to Alaska, and you want to go with us!  

We’ve been north to Maine and South to Florida, as well as east to the North Carolina coast!  Now, Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins are going to Alaska…”The Last Frontier!”  We want you to join us!  

From all the places we’ve visited and all the states where we have led photography workshops, one location has been mentioned again and again…Alaska!  Mountaineer Photo Excursions is excited to finally offer this opportunity to photograph this amazing destination!

This will be wildlife adventure, as we expect to show you grizzly bears fishing for salmon and grazing for blueberries.  On the Bering Sea beach, you may see a pod of walrus!  With a keen eye and your telephoto lens, you may capture images of wolves as they enter and exit their den.  A hike will bring you closer to views of Dall sheep climbing the rocky landscapes.  

These are the highlights!  In addition, we you may also see lynx, moose, beaver, caribou, whales, seals, sea otters, tundra swans, peregrine falcon and bald eagles!  Beyond the wildlife, the environment presents dramatic landscapes like no other... glaciers and rivers; volcanoes and waterfalls!  

How do we put you in front of all this wildlife and wild country?  We have engaged an experienced guide service to provide not only direction, but also transportation.  To take us where the “wild things” are, we can take advantage of multiple aircraft and watercraft.  Our guides have identified well over 100 specific locations where the various wildlife can be found.  

Safety.  We will work closely with our guides, who will make the decisions on how close we will be to the various animals.  The guide service has been operating for over 40 years, and no clients have been seriously injured.  In addition to our standard Liability Waiver, participants will also be required to sign an Assumption of Risk form for the guide service.