Welcome to our ​Workshops!  Mountaineer Photo Excursions is about teaching and learning in interesting and exciting locations.  We have a full schedule of events already in place for 2017.  Whether you like the beach, the mountains, wildlife, waterfalls, or just visiting somewhere different, we have a workshop that will fit your interest.  We don't just take you to beautiful places...we teach you to have a better understanding of how to use your cameras, as well as new photo techniques, to preserve and share your adventures!

Please review our descriptions, and also visit our photo galleries.  You will see more from these locations, along with past workshops, and some previews from our scouting trips!  We currently have locations planned into 2020!

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Southern Shores Summer Photo Workshop – St. Mary’s County, MD



Bordered on three sides by the Chesapeake Bay, St. Mary’s County is home to the first state capitol in St. Mary’s City; miles and miles of shoreline; a waterfront park that was once a busy steamboat landing; lighthouses, 17th Century communities, and reenactors; this is the Southern Shores of Maryland!

Along with our Instructors, Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox, you will visit the Leonardtown Wharf, where steamboats once delivered people and goods to the Port of Leonardtown.  Today, we may see kayakers cruising along the waterfront, or a sailboat catching the breeze. 

We’ll travel back in time four centuries to a time when the American continent was being settled; when people placed their lives and faith in a small sailing ship to cross an ocean, and then worked to create a new community in a strange land…which became the Capitol City of a new state! 

Historic St. Mary’s City is a National Historic Landmark, and is recognized as one of America’s best preserved colonial archaeology sites.  There are outdoor exhibits, including the State House of 1676, the Print House, the Brick Chapel, the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation, and the Woodland Indian Hamlet.  The reproduction of the Maryland Dove, a tall square-rigged ship, is moored here, and sailors’ stories can be heard on the deck.  We will discover how those sailors navigated across the Atlantic Ocean, explore the living quarters below deck, and be ready if the cannon fires!

Historic St. Mary’s City preserves all this, gives us the opportunity to learn their story, and tell it with our photographs!

Other locations will include lighthouses, a boat trip across the Chesapeake Bay to an island, sunset on the Bay, as well as getting up close with osprey nests and fishing pelicans.  Each location will be an opportunity to learn different aspects of photography, and better methods of using your camera to tell your stories.

We’ve also made some special arrangements for lodging!  Thanks to St. Mary’s College of Maryland, we can offer some significant discounts!  We can offer two nights lodging on campus for less than one night in most hotels. 

Our photo workshop will begin on Friday evening at 6:00pm, with a combination of hands on photography and classroom time.  Saturday will be a full day of photography and field instruction.  Sunday morning, we’ll be up before dawn, and finish by lunchtime.


WHEN:         Friday – Sunday; July 28 – 30, 2017.  Registration will close on Friday, July 14, at noon.  This is two weeks prior to our event, and is necessary for our lodging arrangements.

WHERE:       St. Mary’s City in Maryland is located:

From Charleston, WV – 6 hours, 21 minutes / 373 miles

From Pittsburgh, PA – 5 hours, 21 minutes / 304 miles

From Washington, DC – 1 hour, 35 minutes / 54 miles

From Roanoke, VA – 4 hours, 22 minutes / 244 miles 

From Cumberland, MD – 3 hours, 30 minutes / 195 miles

LODGING:  Clients will enjoy upscale campus lodging at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, for $45/night/person.  Lodging will involve some shared living spaces, but private bedrooms can be reserved.  Bedrooms include two extra-long twin beds, with clean linens provided. 

In the case of couples, please understand that a 2nd person in a room must also pay the “per person” rate.  We recommend a two-night stay on Friday and Saturday nights. College campus lodging arrangements will be made through Mountaineer Photo Excursions, with your workshop registration.

Clients who prefer not to stay at the College are free to make their own hotel reservations nearby.

WHO:           We are welcoming up to twelve clients, but will consider adding to our headcount for couples sharing the same room.

FEE:             Our regular workshop fee will be:             $228.00       

                   Discounted “Early Bird” fee,                      $205.00

                             (to be paid in full prior to May 26, 2017)

Registration fee does not include meals, lodging or travel, unless otherwise specifically noted.  Registration must be paid no later than July 14, 2017, at 12:00 noon.  Non-registered individuals may not participate in our field trips, due to insurance and liability issues.  All registered clients will be required to complete a personal liability release.  Cancellations requested within 30 days of the beginning of this event will be refunded 50%, unless the spot is subsequently filled.

CONTACT:    MountaineerPhotoExcursions@gmail.com  or 304-532-0070.  For questions, or to request your registration invoice.


Cacapon Photo Workshop in September 2017 


Cacapon (pronounced ka-KAY-pon) Resort State Park will serve as the centerpiece of an early autumn photo workshop on September 15-17, 2017.  This 6,000 acre State Park features a lodge, cabins, a lake, all in the shadows of Cacapon Mountain, the highest peak in the eastern portion of West Virginia at 2,300 feet.  The mountain divides the landscape, with the Park on the eastern slope and the Cacapon River winding along the base of the western slope.  The Cacapon Mountain Overlook, within the Park, provides an impressive view of the valley.


Cacapon is a derivative of a Shawnee Indian word meaning “medicine waters,” a reference to the area’s mineral waters that have been renowned through history for their healing powers.  These waters come to the surface about 10 miles from Cacapon at nearby Berkeley Springs State Park, where we will also visit during this workshop.


George Washington first visited the springs at age 16, as a member of a survey party in 1748.  Washington visited the springs regularly, and as a result of his efforts, its fame as a health spa grew throughout the colonies.  The General Assembly of Virginia formed the town of Bath on this location in 1776.  James Rumsey, who later invented the first successful steamboat, was then contracted to construct five bathhouses and several other public buildings.  This officially established the springs as a resort facility.


We’ll stroll along the historic streets of Berkeley Springs, noting the markers showing who the original town lot owners were in 1776.  Sights include local shops and restaurants, antique malls, the town library which is part historic home and part new construction.  The main square includes not only the Park and shops of Fairfax Street, but also the County Courthouse built at the turn of the 20th century. 


We’ll spend the weekend observing these beautiful and unique settings, while Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox guide you through lessons on composition, exposure, camera handling and ways to improve your photo techniques.  We have arranged for special discounted rates at the Cacapon Resort.  We also have some special locations selected, and we'll share them once they are confirmed!


WHEN:  Friday – Sunday, September 15 – 17, 2017.


WHERE:  Cacapon Resort State Park, eastern panhandle of West Virginia, in Berkeley Springs, WV.


From Charleston, WV:       4 hours, 21 minutes; 281 miles

From Washington, DC:      2 hours; 107 miles

From Pittsburgh, PA:         2 hours, 46 minutes; 164 miles

From Annapolis, MD:         2 hours, 30 minutes; 140 miles

From Roanoke, VA:           3 hours, 17 minutes; 206 miles


LODGING:  Clients will have the option of two styles of rooms within the beautiful Cacapon Resort Lodge.  Special rates apply (less than $100/night) for registered workshop clients.  We suggest a stay of two nights, Friday and Saturday nights.


WHO: We will be welcoming 12 clients to this workshop.


FEE:   Regular fee is $215.00, and includes instruction only.  We are offering an “Early Bird” discount, only $193.00 if paid by 11:00 pm on August 4, 2017. 


Registration fee does not include meals, lodging or travel, unless otherwise specifically noted.  Registration must be paid no later than September 1, 2017, at 11:00 pm.  Non-registered individuals may not participate in our field trips, due to insurance and liability issues.  All registered clients will be required to complete a personal liability release.  Cancellations requested within 30 days of the beginning of this event will be refunded 50%, unless the spot is subsequently filled.


CONTACT:  MountaineerPhotoExcursions@gmail.com or 304-532-0070, with questions or to request your registration invoice.




Through The Lens Of Learning

A "Road Scholar" Workshop

Mountaineer Photo Excursions is pleased to be working with the Road Scholar program to teach this photography workshop.  Our Instructor, Ron Gaskins, will be leading this workshop at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, WV.   

The goal of this workshop is to acquaint photography enthusiasts with an improved understanding of their camera’s controls, how to select appropriate lenses, and to improve their photography through the use of better techniques of camera control, composition, exposure, photography accessories, basic post-processing and more.


This class is appropriate for beginners to intermediate, but experienced photographers may also enjoy a review of skills, as well as learning new ones.  Photography themes will include nature, travel, history and wildlife, with an emphasis on capturing the best possible image in the camera, without dependence on post-processing.


Topics will include various types of digital cameras, lens selection, basic composition, exposure & metering modes, understanding the histogram, selective auto-focus & manual focus, depth of field, RAW vs. JPEG, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Infrared (IR), Close-up/Macro, Black & White Photography, Flash:  Indoors & Outdoors, Flavors of Light, Use of Filters, basic post-processing, digital file organization and backup.


Hands-on/Practical photography exercises will be included, in addition to classroom discussion.  The grounds of Cedar Lakes include two lakes, Cedar Lake and Mirror Lake, which is circled by the various buildings of the center.  Other locations of interest include the Staats Mill Covered Bridge and the Starcher House log cabin.  The Bridge was built in 1887, and was relocated to Cedar Lakes, due to construction of a flood control dam.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The cabin is complete with home furnishings reflective of life on the frontier of western Virginia in the early 1800s.  A replica of a one room schoolhouse is adjacent to the cabin.  


WHERE:   Cedar Lakes Conference Center; 82 FFA Drive, Ripley, WV

WHEN:  Two Sessions:  September 24 - 29, 2017; October 8 - 13, 2017    

WHO:  Open to public, limited seats.    

FEE:  Full fee is $699.00; includes photo workshop, lodging, and meals; six days, five nights, 15 meals.

CONTACT:   Road Scholar is accepting registration for both sessions.  You may contact them via their website at www.roadscholar.org; by phone at 800-454-5768; by email at Contact@RoadScholar.org.  Please reference program #22904RJ.


Jenny Wiley Fall Photo Workshop


Yes, Ron and Amanda will be returning for our seventh workshop at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park in Prestonsburg, KY, on October 27 - 29, 2017.  Of course, we will have our Elk Tour, to photograph the Rocky Mountain Elk herds in eastern Kentucky, and an Eagle Cruise on Dewey Lake.  We will also be planning additional activities for the weekend.  Save the date, and we'll announce more details soon!


If you’ve never joined us at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, you should definitely try this year!  The Park is a beautiful site within eastern Kentucky, and one of what Kentucky has called “the best” park service in the nation!  With a 49-room lodge surrounded by towering pines and peaceful mountains, you’ll have a comfortable night’s rest to be prepared for our full days of photography learning.


Elk once freely roamed the southern Appalachians and were hunted by Native Americans for meat and medicinal uses. Elk herds resided in Kentucky until the mid-1880s “when the population was eliminated due to habitat degradation and overhunting,” reports the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife.  Fast forward almost a century and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is pleased to report the success of the 1997 Elk Restoration Program, which started with 1,550 elk from six states, thanks to due diligence by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, University of Kentucky students and cooperative landowners. By 2001 the elk population was more than 5,000, and The Kentucky elk population grew to at least 10,000 in 2013. 


Park Naturalist Trinity Shepherd is proud of his 100% success rate in finding elk on all the “Elk Tour” trips he has made with Park visitors over several years.  We’ll be heading out with Trinity during our workshop weekend, and will depend on his expertise once again. 


We’ll be doing a lot more during our workshop, but our Elk Tour will be one of the highlights!  Make plans to join us in October, and start a new tradition.


BEGINNER  BOOTCAMP - Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop 

Have you purchased one of the new digital cameras?  One that offers the promise of the photos you see on magazine covers, websites, and more.  Their advertisements promise beautiful portraits, stunning sunsets, happy children, exciting vacations and so much more!


If you have one of these wonderful cameras, but have been a little overwhelmed by shutter speeds, f-stops, ISO, HDR and more, we can help you!  If you’re using the little green AUTO setting, but are frustrated because your photos look “okay,” but aren’t very exciting, we can help you!  If that new camera is gathering more dust than memories, we can help you!


Cedar Lakes Conference Center, in cooperation with Mountaineer Photo Excursions, is offering a weekend workshop, “Beginner Bootcamp - Introduction to Digital Photography.”  Instructors Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox, from Mountaineer Photo Excursions, will explain how to set your camera; composition guidance; lighting; methods to “polish” your photos after you take them; ways of organizing and protecting these treasures, and generally how to improve your photography and your understanding of your digital camera.


Bring your camera, your owner’s manual, and some of your photos.  If you have a laptop computer, bring that too!  In addition to classroom time, and we will also spend time with your camera in hand.  Contact Cedar Lakes for workshop registration and lodging arrangements.


WHEN:                              Friday – Sunday, November 17-19, 2017.  Workshop will begin at 6:00 pm on Friday; full day and evening on Saturday; will conclude at 3:00 pm on Sunday.


WHERE:                            Cedar Lakes Conference Center, located at 82 FFA Drive in Ripley, WV.


CONTACT:                       For questions, contact MountaineerPhotoExcursions@gmail.com; To register, contact Marsha Humphrey or the front desk at Cedar Lakes at 304-372-7860, ext. 410 or 425.


FEE:                                   Commuter registration is just $143.10 (including tax).  Students may bring their lunch, purchase a daily meal ticket, or leave the Conference grounds.  Special Package Pricing will be available for this weekend, which will include workshop registration, lodging and meals.


LODGING:                       Lodging is available onsite at Cedar Lakes Conference Center, if desired, at an additional charge.   


And...in 2018...



Your Atlantic Dream in St. Augustine, Florida - Photo Workshop 

You may come for the beaches, but you’ll stay for the history!  St. Augustine has over 40 miles of shining, sandy beaches, but is known as the “Ancient City,” settled almost 450 years ago by the Spanish.  This provides a unique setting where today meets yesterday, and Mountaineer Photo Excursions has planned a photography workshop to match your “Atlantic Dream!”


Whether we’re up early for a coastal sunrise, or watching the city lights as they begin to glow at twilight, instructors Ron Gaskins and Amanda Haddox will share their experience and ideas with you, so you can bring those images home.  There’s plenty to see in between sunrise and sunset, along the shore and in the oldest city.


The city was settled by the Spanish, and we’ll visit the Castillo De San Marcos, the fort that guarded the harbor.  You’ll get to drink from the Fountain of Youth, and listen to the blast from a cannon.  A short walk away from the marina will bring you to Flagler College, previously Flagler Hotel; the Alcazar Hotel, now the Lightner Museum; and Casa Monica, recently restored and returned to its glory as a beautiful hotel.  St. Augustine’s historic district is surrounded by amazing architecture and narrow brick streets.


We’ll board one of the sightseeing trains, and travel around downtown.  We’ll be able to hop off the train as we wish, and then board again to visit another site when we’re ready.  Don’t worry, this trip won’t be all sailboats and old buildings, either.  The “Alligator Farm” has plenty of action, and is home to many of the aquatic birds, in addition to the big reptiles.  We’ll also visit the site of Fort Mose, another home for wildlife and beautiful forest settings along the shore.


We’ll see all this, and more, during our four-day photography workshop in north-eastern Florida. You’ll also have time on your own to enjoy the beach house, or explore other parts of St. Augustine on your own.  We’ve rented a beach house just for our group.  You may arrive on Saturday, and our workshop will begin on Sunday; we’ll finish on Wednesday, and you’ll still have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for your own explorations from the beach house!


WHERE:       St. Augustine, Florida; with our lodging at a beach house on St. Augustine Beach.


WHEN:         Arrive on Saturday, February 3 – Depart on Saturday, February 10.  Our “Atlantic Dream” Workshop will run four days, from Sunday – Wednesday.  You will have free time from Thursday – Saturday.


LODGING:    We have rented a beach house, exclusively for our group.  You may arrive on Saturday evening, February 3, and must check out on Saturday morning, February 10, 2018.


FEE:             The Fee, which includes all Workshop instructions and lodging at our beach house, is $1199.00.  We are offering an “Early Bird” 17% discount, at $995.00!  Pay in full by 11:00 pm on December 31, 2018 to qualify!  This Workshop attendance is limited by the bedrooms in our beach house.  We can offer a limited number of 2nd spots, in shared bedrooms.  All registrations must be paid in full by 11:00 pm on February 19, 2018.


          Regular Workshop Fee-                         $1199.00

          Early Bird Discount-                              $995.00

          Shared Room, 2nd participant-               $695.00

          Shared Room, non-participant-              $195.00


WHO:           Our beach house has only 7 available rooms, with an assortment of King, Queen and Twin beds.  This will limit our attendance.  We will attempt to honor your requests for specific room arrangements.


CONTACT:    MountaineerPhotoExcursions@gmail.com for all your questions, and to register.  Your spot is guaranteed when your fee is paid.




Pipestem Resort State Park - Photo Workshop - April 13-15, 2018 

West Virginia is Almost Heaven, and some of the most beautiful sights are located within our State Parks!  We’ll be exploring Pipestem Resort State Park, as well as Bluestone Lake State Park, and some other special locations along the way!


Pipestem will be our base for the weekend, with discounted rooms at the Lodge, which also has a fine restaurant and meeting space for us.  The Lodge overlooks the Bluestone Gorge, and the Bolar Lookout Tower at 3,000 feet provides an inspiring view, as well.  It’s not uncommon to see eagles at Pipestem, and we’ll also trek to Bluestone State Park, where Park Naturalist, Julie McQuade, has recently spotted eagles!


The town of Bramwell once had more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in America, during the coal boom.  Their elegant homes are still there for us to view, such as the Goodwill House, with its ballroom, tower, wraparound porch and butler’s pantry, and the Cooper House, built with imported bricks from England, a copper roof and an indoor swimming pool!


We’ll also take some time to visit some additional attractions, time permitting.  We have assembled a lengthy list of venues, and are still working to confirm access to one in particular.  Amanda Haddox and Ron Gaskins, our Instructors, will provide techniques and share their experience throughout our weekend!  It will be an exciting and full one, with many locations to see and opportunities to learn.


So, make your plans and save the dates – April 13-15, 2018 – and we will update our details as they become available. 


CONTACT:    Please email MountaineerPhotoExcursions@gmail.com with questions or to register.


Do you want to improve your photography?  Let us take you there!

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